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Brazilian Government uses one day of year to cover shame of all others

Blog entry by Daniela Montalto | 6 June, 2013 7 comments

Today is World Environment Day and the Government of Brazil celebrated by dancing to an old tune. In a press conference held today in Brasilia, the government rereleased old Amazon deforestation figures and late plans to fight...

Indigenous community clashes with loggers in the Amazon

Blog entry by Bernardo Camara | 18 January, 2013 1 comment

Trucks filled with timber from illegal logging operations in the Amazon have been stopped in their tracks by an indigenous village protesting the continued exploitation of their lands. With little or no support from the local or...

The Amazon pays the bill for forest destruction

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 21 December, 2012 4 comments

Lack of governance and amnesty allow large-scale Amazon deforestation to continue. Seven years ago, Leonardo Andrade Gomes was considered to be the single biggest forest destroyer in the Amazon. In addition to other infractions, he...

Brazilians demand President Dilma protect the Amazon

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 7 March, 2012 9 comments

The Forest Code is in danger, and with its future lies the fate of the Brazilian Amazon. Today, after another delay to the vote on the new law, thousands of Brazilians demonstrated in Brasilia , demanding Dilma veto the new law . ...

Does Greenpeace still need its ships?

Blog entry by James Turner | 5 May, 2012 4 comments

There's no point denying it: life on a Greenpeace ship is fun. Adventure, exotic places, a sense of shared purpose amongst an international crew - all these things combine to make the experience of sailing with the world's most famous...

Deforestation takes flight again in the Amazon

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 4 April, 2013 5 comments

Last week, as some of us were heading off for the long holiday weekend (Easter is a holiday here in Brazil), the Brazilian government was quietly releasing deforestation trends showing an increase in deforestation for the first time in...

BR-163: Paving the way for Amazon destruction

Blog entry by Jess Miller | 31 March, 2012

Cutting through the Brazilian Amazon from north to south over a vast distance of 1700 km is a highway called BR 163.  Once a cratered dirt road, impassable in the rainy season, the highway was built in the 1970's together with other...

Our 10 day Amazon blockade is suspended as talks begin to fix pig iron industry

Blog entry by James Turner | 25 May, 2012

Update 26 May 2012:   We're back in action.  Press release , live updates . Update 2:  Action is over.  Read about how it went. Yesterday was a dramatic day here on board the Rainbow Warrior and in the capital of...

Amazon action:climber update

Blog entry by Emma Briggs | 17 May, 2012 7 comments

Leaning back in the evening breeze, listening to the waves churning, I almost feel like I'm lying on the beach at  home  instead of hanging from an anchor chain near the 10 meter water mark of a cargo ship near Sao Louis in Brazil. But...

Elissama’s quiet voice tells the world about a new Amazon scandal

Blog entry by James Turner | 14 May, 2012 3 comments

Right now a 20 year old Brazilian named Elissama de Oliveira Menezes is attached to the anchor chain of a massive cargo ship here in Sao Luis, at the mouth of the Amazon. She’s a small girl anyway, but next to the 175 meter ‘Clipper...

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