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Summary of considerations regarding the co-existence of GMO, non-GMO and organic farming

Publication | 22 May, 2003 at 2:00

Co-existence is the pre-requisite for the freedom of both consumers and farmers, as well as other actors along the food chain, to chose whether or not to consume, produce or use genetically modified agricultural products. The key question is: How...

Food dictators won't feed the world - they are part of the problem

Publication | 1 June, 2002 at 2:00

Genetic Engineering (GE) has nothing to do with feeding a hungry world. The contrary is the case. The main reasons for hunger lie in social and political problems.

The real green revolution

Publication | 1 February, 2002 at 1:00

Organic and agroecologicalfarming in the South.

Indian people voice their concern about Moily's approval of GE field trials!

Blog entry by Neha Saigal | 6 March, 2014

The massive opposition to genetically engineered (GE) crops in India has almost entirely stopped the entry of this risky and unwanted technology into our farms and plates. But the proponents of this technology and their cronies are...

Greenpeace Reaction to Syngenta fine

Press release | 23 March, 2006 at 13:33

StatementGeneva, Wednesday, March 23, 2006--Greenpeace today welcomed the decision of the Brazilian Environment Protection Agency IBAMA to fine Swiss Agro-Biotech multinational Syngenta one million reais (386 000 euros) for...

Bio-Safety Protocol must prevent developing countries from becoming an illegal GMO...

Press release | 13 March, 2006 at 11:22

Curitiba, Monday, March 13, 2006- Greenpeace today called upon the representatives of the 132 member states of the International Biosafety Protocol to agree upon reliable and fair standards of identification and labelling of genetically...

Patents on Rice: the Genetic Engineering Hypocrisy

Press release | 26 April, 2005 at 2:00

At their AGM today the genetic engineering (GE) corporation Syngenta will celebrate with its shareholders how much money they made in the last year. At the same time Greenpeace research(1) reveals how they plan to further profit from farmers all...

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