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G8 - Environment Nil!

Feature story | 9 July, 2008 at 19:27

When you're in the business of saving the future - and you give yourself a specific deadline, such as 2050 - you need to make sure that every single day between then and now counts. Unfortunately, the G8 Summit was a waste of three whole days.

Food, Fuel, Forests and Climate – the Biofuels Conundrum

Blog entry by Sini Harkki | 18 October, 2012 7 comments

Fossil fuels are killing our climate and we need to find alternatives. It’s a simple message that most people get, but what happens when one of the supposed alternatives also becomes not just a climate killer, but a driver of hunger...

Daily news: Tequila gives biofuels a shot; The end of whaling?

Blog entry by JPateraki | 29 July, 2011 2 comments

© Greenpeace / Malu Barben Top news: Agave plants may reduce transport emissions; Toxics pollute Chinese water; The Japanese whaling program faces “the axe”; Smartphone addiction. #Tequila: The Guardian reports that ethanol...

Daily News: Tar Sands Unethical Campaign Tactics; Shell’s Oil Leak ‘Worst In a Decade’

Blog entry by Josh S | 17 August, 2011

Top News: ‘Ethical Oil’ campaign apparently used faked and stolen images; Obama announces $510m biofuel plan; oil spill information emerges despite Shell’ secrecy; escaped German cow finally speaks to psychic after three-months in...

February 2: More nuclear waste arrives in Russia for dumping; Countries' half-hearted...

Blog entry by mwilson | 2 February, 2010

This is part of a trial series. Indigenous people from Altamira at a rally protesting the construction of dams on the Xingu river, Brazil. Photo: Monti Aguirre . The Brazilian government has granted an environmental license...

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