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Hurricanes, floods, heatwaves: this is what climate change looks like

Blog entry by Diego Gonzaga | 23 September, 2017 1 comment

Weather in San Francisco tends to be pretty mild all year. Because of the fog that comes from the Pacific Ocean, the average high temperature in the city is only 17ºC. However, in the first weekend of September, a record-breaking...

Climate chaos misery

Feature story | 15 August, 2002 at 2:00

Eastern Europe under water, continent wide smog clouds in Asia, both floods and droughts in India and China, heat waves in Canada, the US and Australia. Is this a taste of a warmer world where our insatiable desire for fossil fuels causes the...

After the rains

Blog entry by Stephanie Tunmore | 27 February, 2013

Torrential rains flooded south eastern Europe  last week, leaving many neighbourhoods in ruin. In Athens, where more than one month's rainfall fell in just a couple of hours, meteorologists described the downpour as the heaviest in...

From Queensland: "Then the deluge began."

Blog entry by Linda Selvey | 13 January, 2011 2 comments

Originally posted on Greenpeace Australia I’m writing this blog in Brisbane airport hoping to fly back to Sydney, to my great sadness, leaving behind my family and friends in my home state of Queensland. It just didn’t seem...

About the floods in Queensland

Blog entry by Anna Keenan | 13 January, 2011 2 comments

At Greenpeace, our hearts go out to all those affected by the floods in Queensland, Australia - ongoing in regional areas and cities now for months, but today sweeping through Queensland's capital city and my hometown, Brisbane. ...

Extreme weather and climate change: How long must we sing this song?

Blog entry by Dr. Paul Johnston | 18 January, 2011 8 comments

Extreme weather events will be more frequent in a warming world. Anyone reading the news about recent extreme weather events may understandably be confused by the varied statements regarding the attribution of these events...

Car buried under flood debris

Image | 20 July, 2004 at 3:00

Car buried under flood debris. A week of torrential rains forced broke the banks of the Igarashi River, flooding homes, businesses and agricultural fields. The floods in western Japan have so far caused the deaths of 18 people.

Floods in southern France only months after

Image | 6 December, 2003 at 1:00

Floods in southern France only months after a severe drought and forest fires in the same area. Global warming, caused by ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels like oil, means extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.

The flooded Spolana chemical plant shortly

Image | 15 August, 2002 at 3:00

The flooded Spolana chemical plant shortly after the explosion of chlorine gas

Greenpeace activists investigate pollution

Image | 11 July, 1997 at 3:00

Greenpeace activists investigate pollution after previous heavy floods in the Czech Republic

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