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Greenpeace orders technologically advanced Rainbow Warrior III

Press release | 2 July, 2009 at 2:00

Greenpeace International Executive Director Gerd Leipold today signed a contract with the Fassmer Shipyard for construction of the Rainbow Warrior III. The sailing ship, which is to be completed in time for Greenpeace's 40th anniversary in 2011,...

Rhys Darby's Global Warning

Blog entry by laurak | 27 July, 2009

Maybe you've spent some time thinking about the contribution you could make to stopping climate change. Changing energy providers? Actually getting the bike out of the garage and riding it to work - instead of thinking about doing it? ...

Nuclear quackery

Blog entry by Justin | 15 October, 2008

The Netherlands, this tiny country with endless possibilities in a liberal and tolerant environment, has a new scoop: the company " Atoomstroom.nl " (which translates as "Atomic electricity") offers its customers 100% nuclear...

Activists from the Greenpeace ship 'Esperanza'

Image | 3 September, 2008 at 3:00

Activists from the Greenpeace ship 'Esperanza', and assisted by local land owners, halt the loading of illegally logged trees onto the 'Harbour Gemini' ship from the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, in Paia inlet, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea,...

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