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Russian gas in the EU: How consumers threaten an international nature reserve

Blog entry by Evgeny Yusov | 11 November, 2016

The Kurgalsky nature reserve, which traverses the shallow waters of the Gulf of Finland, numerous islands, and the Kurgalsky Peninsula between Russia and Finland, is home to a great diversity of flora and fauna, supporting numerous...

As California's gas leak rages on, a state of emergency is declared

Blog entry by Jesse Coleman | 8 January, 2016 2 comments

In a sunny suburb of Los Angeles, California, an invisible menace rages. A massive natural gas leak is venting 50 tons of natural gas per hour into the atmosphere, making it the largest gas leak ever recorded. First detected on...

Mazaska Talks: how you can help stop dirty oil projects

Blog entry by Alex Speers-Roesch | 30 October, 2017 1 comment

Last week, people around the world called on banks financing harmful fossil fuel projects to clean up their acts. Projects like the Dakota Access Pipeline and tar sands pipelines threaten a healthy environment and do not have consent...

Daily News: Sao Paolo streets fill with protesters against the construction of the...

Blog entry by JPateraki | 22 August, 2011 2 comments

© Steve Morgan / Greenpeace Top news: Brazilians say no to dam construction; Tar oil is dirtier than crude oil; Bicycle Sauna Hydroelectric power: Protesters took to the streets of Sao Paulo over the weekend, fighting the...

Satellite imagery of oil spill in the Gulf

Image | 19 September, 2005 at 18:15

Satellite imagery of oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The yellow boxes indicate oil rigs/platforms. The dark streaks indicate oil slicks.

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