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The Toxic Truth

Publication | 25 September, 2012 at 2:30

This is a story of corporate crime, human rights abuse and governments’ failure to protect people and the environment. A joint report by Amnesty International and Greenpeace Netherlands.

Greenpeace condemns Trafigura-Cote d’Ivoire deal as travesty of justice

Press release | 14 February, 2007 at 17:35

Greenpeace condemns the deal struck between the Presidency of the Cote d’Ivoire and the Trafigura group. Trafigura will reportedly pay € 152 million towards clean-up costs, without accepting liability or responsibility for the dumping of highly...

The Probo Koala: Toxic crime scene

Image | 26 September, 2006 at 0:05

The Probo Koala: Toxic crime scene. Why is this ship still free after killing and sickening people in the Ivory Coast?

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