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Greenpeace orders technologically advanced Rainbow Warrior III

Press release | 2 July, 2009 at 2:00

Greenpeace International Executive Director Gerd Leipold today signed a contract with the Fassmer Shipyard for construction of the Rainbow Warrior III. The sailing ship, which is to be completed in time for Greenpeace's 40th anniversary in 2011,...

Caption contest: un-capsize

Blog entry by JulietteH | 1 November, 2010 17 comments

The story: Works on the Rainbow Warrior III project at Maritim Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland. The hull is composed of seven sections, which were prepared individually in the shipbuilding hall. All components are built upside down and...

Rainbow Warrior hull arrives in Germany

Blog entry by Eoin Dubsky | 19 November, 2010 1 comment

It takes a village to raise a child. It's taken five months of expert ship building in the Maritim Shipyard in Gdanks, Poland, to build the hull of the new Rainbow Warrior. Yesterday afternoon it arrived by tug in Fassmer Shipyard in...

Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: Karli on the tuna blockade

Blog entry by Dave W. | 25 November, 2010 4 comments

Let’s be clear, environmental campaigning is usually hard graft, with long hours and many frustrations. It can involve long hours sitting in a boat somewhere cold, or hot, just waiting for something to happen. It might mean attending...

Our new flagship… it’s getting there!

Blog entry by Oscar Soria | 12 June, 2011 4 comments

In the last week of May, I had the chance to see the progress of the construction of the Rainbow Warrior III, in a shipyard located near Bremen, in Germany. I was along with Tim Adams , a journalist from The Observer who wrote an ...

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