Greenpeace and You

Background - 21 October, 2011
The people who make up Greenpeace are a diverse and committed bunch. Our volunteers, activists and staff span the globe, cover the age spectrum, and defy simple categorisation. What they all have in common is the one big aim: a green and peaceful future for all.

Greenpeace staff, ship crew, volunteers, activists and donors attend the launch ceremony of the third Rainbow Warrior in October 2011.

Around the world, people from all walks of life come together under the Greenpeace flag to spend their free time fighting for the environment. From pensioners infecting others with our belief in non-violence to students organising to steer the world away from fossil fuelsour volunteers are the face of our family.

With creative local actions for the planet they positively affect their communities, their countries, and, ultimately, the world at large. Without them, Greenpeace wouldn’t be Greenpeace.

Our activists are the ones you see dangling from Arctic oil rigs or unfurling banners on top of parliament buildings. It’s their daring – but always peaceful and well thought-through – actions that get everyone talking about the solutions to our environmental problems.

Over the years, they have faced jail, physical threats and political persecution in return for their courage, but our answer has always been the same: action based on principle, an absolute commitment to non-violence, and integrity.

But our campaigns wouldn’t be nearly as effective without what’s going on behind what everyone sees. That’s where our staff come in.

Whether it’s a Senior Political Advisor who used to be a US diplomat, a Chief Scientist who grows his own vegetables, or a jet-lagged engineer on a mission to revolutionise our energy systems – the people who have turned Greenpeace into a full-time job are the ones who lobby, plot, research, coordinate and make sure as many people as possible see, hear and read about what’s going on.

Together, all of these people make up Greenpeace. Or rather, half of Greenpeace. The other half – that’s you.