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Questions about the Greenpeace website

Background - 21 June, 2006
Linking to us, premissions for using our content and helpful suggestion about how to use our site.

I'd like to post a link on my website to Greenpeace? Do I need permission?

We love it when you link to us and help spread the word about our campaigns for the environment. You don't need permission, and here is a small collection of banners and logos which you can use. You are welcome to link to our main site or any of the issue areas you find there. We also welcome links to our cyberactivist community where activists can find on-line actions to take on behalf of the environment, sign up for their own web page at the site, and share thoughts with thousands of fellow activists.

I'm trying to download a video to watch or share on a computer without an internet connection. What do I do?

About downloading videos: Most of our videos are streamed for fast delivery. Unfortunately, this means that you can't "right click" and save a local copy.  Many people write asking how they can show videos in schools and for presentations when an internet connection is absent.  Here's the deal:

If the video has been uploaded in Quicktime, that format IS saveable. Right-click, save locally, and if you've got a copy of the free Quicktime player you can play the video back without a live connection.

If the video is in our "Greenpeace TV section" it has been uploaded in the Macromedia Flash Video format. Unfortunately, there's not an easy way for you to capture these.  However, many of the videos here are also uploaded as podcasts.

If the video is a podcast, you can go to this index page, where all the video and audio files can be saved locally. Just right-click and save.

Can I get a reciprocal link posted on the Greenpeace site?

Unfortunately,we no longer offer a general links section. If your link is relevant to one of our campaigns, we will consider using it in a campaign section; otherwise we will not be able to offer you a reciprocal link. Please don't write to us if you are promoting a commercial product as an environmental solution. When we choose to endorse a technology, it tends to be on our own initiative and we don't do commercial product endorsement via links from our site.

Write to

I can't see movies or hear audio, what do I do?

Our website uses a number of plug-ins to allow your browser to see and hear video and audio content. The most commonly required plug-in is RealAudio which you can download from this site. There's excellent help for on how to configure the Real Player at this link.

We also use Macromedia Flash and Shockwave, both of which you can download here .

For audio and video, you'll need Quicktime, which you can get here.

For more information, you can visit our plug-ins page.

I can't open a document on your site. My browser doesn't know how to handle a "PDF" file. What do I do?

Some of our longer documents are stored in "PDF" format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the reader for free here.

I'd like to reproduce or quote an article from your website. Do I need permission?

"Nope" is the short answer in most cases. We're not exactly shy about promoting our point of view, and we encourage others to do so as well. There are some simple ground rules which you do need to know, and you can find them all here.