Quarterly - 2009.3/4

Background - 8 December, 2009

Greenpeace International
Quarterly 2009.3 & 2009.4
Special Double Issue

2009 - Issue 3 & 4 Special Double Issue

Now is the Hour!

The latest edition of Greenpeace International's Quarterly supporters' magazine is a special double-sized edition with a special emphasis on climate change and the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Understanding Climate Speak

An A-Z providing a quick guide to all those 'climate speak' words and phrases you'll be hearing plenty of while the Copenhagen Climate Summit is in full swing...

Witnessing Climate Change

Nicky Davies tells us about the 'Voices for Change' project, and there's more about four very courageous women who took their call for climate action to the UN Secretary General's Climate Summit in New York. We also hear from Prajna Khanna, who travelled to Delhi to collect stories for the project.

Watching Climate Change

Cindy Baxter recalls almost 18 years of Greenpeace's work for the climate, and we take a sneak peak into Stephanie Tunmore's diary of her visit to the recent G20 meeting in the US. In addition, Martin Lloyd tells us the story behind 'The Age of Stupid', the film starring Pete Postlethwaite as a man living alone in the climate-ravaged world of 2055. 

Chronicling Climate Change

John Bowler recounts the recent Arctic expedition undertaken by the Arctic Sunrise, alongside a special photo feature showcasing the work of photographer Nick Cobbing.

There's also the latest news from the Canadian Tar Sands, the Kleenex campaign, the Defending our Mediterranean and Defending our Pacific ship tours and regular updates and features.

Finally, this issue also contains a special feature about the newly-released CD, Amchitka: the 1970 concert that launched Greenpeace.  

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