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Legal structure

Background - 6 August, 2013

Greenpeace International's main legal entity is "Stichting Greenpeace Council" (SGC). It is a Dutch Stichting -a foundation-type non-profit entity- based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Articles of Association (bylaws) specify its purpose and provide the framework for the governance and decision-making process in the global Greenpeace organisation. The entity is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under nr. 41200515; its RSIN number is 006623207.

Greenpeace International is in charge of protecting the Greenpeace trademark, and providing global control on the use of it. This protects the public from any misleading or fraudulent use of the Greenpeace name by unauthorised third parties, and safeguards our independence, the integrity of our campaign work and fundraising reputation.

Greenpeace National / Regional Organisations

National and regional organisations are licensed by Greenpeace International to use the Greenpeace name within their territories.

Greenpeace International and National / Regional Organisations may establish various legal entities to carry out support activities such as fundraising, merchandising, fixed asset management and specific campaign work as cost-effectively as possible, while adhering to national regulations to do with the charitable purposes of the organisation where relevant.

All entities operate in accordance with the legal framework of the country they are set up in, are included in the annual budget and accounts of the licensed Greenpeace organisation responsible for them, and are subject to annual independent external financial auditing reviews in accordance with local regulations.


Statuten Stichting Greenpeace Council (Original text in Dutch)

Articles of Association (English Translation)

Rules of Procedure