Background - 10 May, 2010
IT solutions have the potential for significantly reducing transportation related emissions as well, largely through the elimination of the need for travel by providing electronic alternatives to various transportation demands. The broader application of more advance telecommuting tools have the potential to reduce the commuting related emissions as more employees are able to remain connected to perform their jobs effectively from outside the office on a regular basis.

Similarly, the broader use of life-size video conference technology such as Cisco’s Telepresence or HP's Halo have the potential to reduce emissions as an alternative to travel for in person meetings, but much depends on whether these technologies are deployed in a way to truly replace travel demand, or merely as a supplement to what would have otherwise been a teleconference call.

Delivery of key services such as health care, as shown in Ericsson’s e-health case study in Croatia, show the potential for IT solutions to remove or reduce significant amounts of transportation demand in other sectors as well.


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