Background - 27 April, 2010

Summary 52/100

Fujitsu’s score shot up sixteen points in Version 4 with one of the highest solutions scores and some strong political advocacy in Japan. Fujitsu has well-developed case study data of its solutions with transparent methodology. The company’s focus for improvement should be on its energy impacts, under which it could improve its greenhouse gas reduction target and mitigation strategies to demonstrate the same caliber of performance as exhibited in the two other scoring categories.


Climate Solutions


Current Savings Calculations


Fujitsu’s score for solutions is one of the highest, just one point behind the top-ranked Cisco. The company provides multiple case studies calculating reduction in tonnes of carbon and percentage with good pre- and post-intervention data for its smart grid power generation and metering, digitizationand transportation solutions.

Public Metrics


The company provides a thorough background document on the methodology used to assess its solutions, the Environmental Burden Assessment Method. There is no apparent external verification, but Fujitsu engages in efforts to create standards.



Fujitsu scores one point for a reference to its data center investment, but given how Fujitsu is leading for its solutions work, the company should provide more information on the size of its investments and R&D in IT solutions and energy efficiency.

Future Savings Goal


Fujitsu earns full points and stands out as one of the only companies to set a future savings goal for its product solutions. Fujitsu’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 million tonnes over a four-year period from fiscal 2009 through fiscal 2012, and in Japan by 30 million tonnes annually by fiscal year 2020.


Energy Impact


Reduction Target


Fujitsu sets a goal in its Stage VI Fujitsu Group Environmental Protection Program to reduce total GHG emissions associated with manufacturing globally to 6% below FY1990 levels by the end of FY2012. To score more points it needs to increase the ambition of its absolute emission reductions.



Fujitsu has set a goal of increasing its modest renewable energy usage to three times FY2007 levels by end of FY2012. To score more points in this criterion, Fujitsu needs to showcase a more comprehensive strategy for operational footprint via efficiency measures, as well as increased clean energy purchasing, including the direct purchase of renewables.

Infrastructure Siting


Fujitsu has developed a framework for configuring an environmentally-friendly data center that goes beyond electricity usage efficiency to also focus on clean energy sourcing for its data centers; the company has a data center in California powered by fuel cells. Fujitsu needs to showcase how this framework influences the siting of its infrastructure.

Supply Chain Footprint


Fujitsu reports that all of its notebook, tablet and desktop PCs released globally meet the latest EnergyStar standards. The company reports and verifies CO2 and other GHG emissions from raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and usage for fiscal 2008. To score more points Fujitsu should showcase what percentage of its models exceed the EnergyStar standards (and by how much), report and set reduction targets for GHG emissions from its external supply chain.


Political Advocacy




Fujitsu presented few examples of relevant political speech and needs to move beyond general presentations on the benefits of IT, increasing support for specific policy priorities at an executive level of the company.

Political Policy


As an Eco First company, Fujitsu supports a Japanese greenhouse gas reduction of 25% target. The Japanese Climate Leaders’ Partnership, of which Fujitsu is a member, published twelve recommendations directed at policymakers, which include incentives for solutions, R&D, and carbon mitigation. While this score is high, it could have earned additional points had the recommendations been more specific.

Repetition Bonus


No applicable examples of advocacy repetition.

Negative Lobby Penalty


No negative lobby scored.

Fujitsu's scores to date

Leaderboard Score
Version 1 18
Version 2 33
Version 3 36
Version 4 52