Background - 26 November, 2010


Summary 38/100

Wipro joins the CoolIT Leaderboard for the first time in Version 4, representing the first of what will likely be several major Indian IT brands to be evaluated among global IT leaders on climate and energy solutions. Wipro scores in the middle of the pack in its first ranking, though does stand out in at least one criterion ranking.

Given its substantial renewable energy mix for its own operations, Wipro is well positioned to push policymakers and the sector to rapidly drive greater supply of clean energy for the broader economy in India, and with what appears to be serious commitment from its CEO to making sustainability services a core part of its business, Wipro is well positioned to enhance its climate leadership standing within the sector.

Wipro's complete submission can be found here.


Climate Solutions


Current Savings Calculations


Wipro's submission of case studies illustrates the ability for software applications to drive significant energy savings across other sectors and businesses. Deeper case studies with better statement of assumptions needed to make these success stories accessible to policy makers and wider audiences.

Public Metrics


No points awarded, metrics provided were for measuring the Greening of IT, rather than metrics to show measurement of IT solutions savings in other sectors.



The creation of a separate division for Wipro Eco-Energy and creation of multiple eco-centers of excellence is a useful indication of attention being given to solutions as part of Wipro core business, but greater context on the scale or amount of this prioritization is needed.

Future Savings Goal


Wipro becomes the second company on the Leaderboard, along with Fujitsu, to have adopted a future savings goal for its solutions offerings. Wipro Eco-Energy has stated a 20% energy savings goal for customers and estimated of net savings goal of 1 Million Metric tons over the next 5 years.


Energy Impact


Reduction Target


Wipro currently has dual targets governing its emissions: an intensity based reduction target based on metric of tons per employee, producing a reduction of approximately 40 percent reduction in per employee emissions in next 5 years, as well as an an absolute target of approximately 12 percent between now and 2015.



Wipro sets the bar for its mitigation plan by providing a transparent and detailed breakdown of its strategy for reaching its target, and with 50% of its reduction target addressed through renewable energy installation or purchase. However, offsets, while currently limited to 10 percent, are also part of the mitigation plan.

Infrastructure Siting


Wipro does not yet have a policy governing its data center siting or procurement, as evidenced by its recent announcement to build its first U.S. data center in coal-heavy Virginia.

Supply Chain Footprint


Wipro is in early stages of measuring its supply chain footprint of its products, and do not yet report their GHG emissions of any parts of their supply chain. The company has made steady improvements in the efficiency of its computer product line to reduce end user emissions, with 100% of units exceeding current Energy Star standards.


Political Advocacy




As designated Co-Chair of this past year's World Economic Forum in Davos, CEO Azim Premji used his position to hold high-level discussion on climate, calling for an urgent and overwhelming response from the world community on climate change.

Political Policy


Wipro has demonstrated important leadership in an Indian context with papers to the Prime Minister on the potential of IT solutions and policies needed to drive IT related green tech deployment in India.

Repetition Bonus


Wipro earns points for a paper to India’s Climate Change Secretariat on the potential of Green ICT as an enabler of inclusive growth.

Negative Lobby Penalty


No negative lobby penalty.

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