More Walk Less Talk

How far will you walk at COP16?

Background - 22 November, 2010
COP 16 will be the seventh Conference of the Parties since the Kyoto Protocol entered into force in February 2005. That’s a lot of talking.

The physical layout of these meetings means there is a great deal of walking. Walking, as we all know is very good for you - it's credited with helping breathing, improving circulation, bolstering the immune system, and helps people stay in shape.

It is also, of course, good for the climate. But, as international climate negotiations processes show, sadly so far - not enough governments are "Walking the Talk."

So, in Cancun - Greenpeace is hosting "More Walk, Less Talk" - a competition to find the person and the country that covers the most ground in Cancun.

Yes, the race to the future starts here. Grab your step-counter and go!


Help - common problems

What is my pedometer ID?

There should be a small, white sticker on the top of your pedometer with 5 letters/numbers on it.  Example:  X1234 (don't use that one)

How can I play if I'm not at the COP16 in Cancun?
Sorry, this is only open to players physically at the COP.

I am in Cancun.  How can I play?
Find one of our team members. They can give you an instruction sheet, and a pedometer (step-meter).

I lost my instruction sheet.
No problem. You can find it here as a pdf.

I entered my name, steps or country wrong.
Please tell one of our team in Cancun about your problem, or email

I've disagreed with Greenpeace's position on COP16 issues (or my delegation's official position doesn't line up with your demands).  Can I still play?
Of course! This is just a bit of fun. Everybody's welcome. We hope you'll have a talk with one of our team members though. They're nice people to chat with anyway, and you might find more in common than you expect.


Mobile site (smart phone) support

Can I get to the mobile site with my laptop?
It's optimized for mobile phones, so it might look a bit small on your laptop, but you can find it at

I have to re-enter my details everytime I try to check in.
Most likely, your phone does not support "cookies", or they have been turned off.


SMS (text message) support

To register
Send text message: reg, pedometerID, name, country
Example: reg, X1234, Bob Smith, South Africa

To add steps
Send text message: add, pedometerID, number-of-steps
Example: add, X1234, 10239

Never reset your pedometer (just keep sending it what it reads).

To see how far you've walked
Send text message: info, pedometerID
Example: info, X1234


Problems registering
Please make sure your text message is in the exact format it needs to be. (download instructions or see above)  If you're still having difficulties, please talk to one of the Greenpeace team members in Cancun.

Problems adding steps
Make sure you are  sending updates to the right number: +44 7624 806 807

(This is different than the one you will get a reply from.)