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Climate Policy and Briefings

Background - 7 December, 2009
This year's UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen is absolutely vital to the future of the world's climate. On the brink of runaway climate change, it’s time for world leaders to lead, and set us on the path to a low carbon economy.
Climate conferences come around every year, but this is the big one. At Bali in 2007, governments pledged to nail down an agreement to save the climate by December 2009 in Copenhagen. At Poznan in 2008, they kept on talking about it, but failed to shape a deal that would make the real cuts. 

Meanwhile, temperature increases, global emissionrises, and loss of ice at both the Arctic andAntarctic have all overshot scientists’ worst case scenarios.

 The extermely slow progress on climate action has increased the pressure to deliver in Copenhagen. 

What else can I do?