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UN Climate conference, Poznan, 1 - 12 December 2008

Background - 6 December, 2009
This year's UN Climate Conference in Poznan can't be "just another meeting." Governments at the meeting need to ensure that they will deliver an action plan in Copenhagen next year, as promised. It’s time for Governments to GET SERIOUS about acting on climate change.

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It’s pretty simple:  to avoid runaway climate change, the worldneeds to quit its addiction to coal and stop destroying forests - and that work has to start in Poznan. It has been a year since governments inBali pledged to nail down an agreement to save the climate by December 2009 in Copenhagen, where the UN talkswill conclude.

One year on from Bali, temperature increases, global emissionrises, and loss of ice at both the Arctic andAntarctic have all overshot scientists’ worst case scenarios. Plus, there has been slow progress on climate action over the last year, so what was originallyan extremely ambitious programme is now under even more pressure to deliver in Copenhagen. 

The world is watching what happens in Poznan,it's time to get serious and focus on one objective: taking action for the survival of our planet.

Here's what we need from our leaders in Poznan:

  • a "climate vision" that will address what the science requires: global emissions peaking by 2015.
  • a draft negotiating text on the table and
  • a detailed workplan to get this completed by Copenhagen in December 2009 Developed countries must agree greenhouse gas emission reduction targets at the upper end of 25-40%, as identified by the IPCC