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G8: Leaders lead, politicians talk

Background - 8 July, 2009
Over 100 activists are taking action right now in Italy - calling on G8 leaders to act NOW! Check out the live feed from these events -- --

G8 leaders can save the planet from catastrophic climate change. With just over 150 days left until a climate rescue plan is agreed at Copenhagen, it is vital leaders take responsibility and break the deadlock plaguing climate talks by making commitments on emissions cuts and finance.  

G8 briefings:


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Contacts for the media at the G8:

Beth Herzfeld, Greenpeace International, Press Officer

 +44 (0)7717 802 891

Tobias Muenchmeyer, Political Unit Berlin

 +49 (0)1511 453 3073

Guruswamy Ananthapadmanabhan, Greenpeace International, Programme Director

 +31 646 184 252

Phil Radford, Greenpeace USA Executive Director

 +1 202 907 6500

Climate change impacts

Currently Greenpeace has ships in the Arctic and the Pacific documenting the impacts of climate with scientists. For more information on this ground breaking work click on the links above.

For video footage on our climate impacts work: contact Lucy Campbell-Jackson at or +31 634 738 790

For photos contact John Novis at or +44 207 865 8230