Tell Amazon and Microsoft you want a clean, green Internet

Amazon and Microsoft use old-fashioned coal power – the stuff that causes climate change – for the electricity they need to store your e-mails, photos, music and videos. Take action now and tell these companies to make the Internet green.


Thank you for wanting to take action on dirty data centers.


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Let's make the Internet green

Every day, we use the Internet to stay connected to our friends and the things we care about.

As the Internet spreads around the world, it needs huge amounts of electricity, and we get to decide if that electricity should come from clean energy, like the wind turbines and solar panels we are seeing more every day.

The smartest companies in the world have made a decision to embrace the future: Google and Facebook are plugging their Internet infrastructure into the wind and sun, and now Apple is doing the same thanks to people like you who asked them to embrace clean power!

If other companies follow them, then the growing Internet help clean energy grow faster too, creating a brighter future for everyone.

Unfortunately, other Internet companies are still stuck in the past: Microsoft and Amazon still get their power from coal power, a 19th-century fuel that causes climate change. All the companies behind the Internet can get their power from clean sources, but they won’t until they hear from you.

Send a quick note to the CEOs of Amazon and Microsoft asking them to make the Internet green, and commit to clean energy today.