Background - 27 April, 2010

Summary 22/100

As a conglomerate with diversified product and services ranging from consumer electronics and household appliances to energy management systems and social management infrastructure, Toshiba has potential to offer a number of emissions-reducing solutions to businesses, governments and consumers. Toshiba is currently light on the details of its solution offerings, and there is a need for clearer case study data from the company to showcase that it is providing real emissions savings now. Toshiba cannot claim to be a climate leader while it continues to produce components for nuclear power generators and a new ABWR plant design, pushing aggressively for a nuclear renaissance, which is a dangerous and costly distraction from real solutions to climate change. Toshiba has claimed that it supports the Japanese government’s national greenhouse gas reduction goals of 25 percent from 1990 levels by 2020. This support is crucial and needs to be visible, vocal and repeated.

Solutions 19/50

Toshiba has a number of interesting solutions, including Feminity, a power management device, a burgeoning solar panel systems division and the promise of Toshiba’s first smartgrid project on Miyako Island in Japan. Toshiba also provides basic case studies and research around its participation in life cycle assessment standards in Japan. However, for the company to score more points, it must provide more detail on the methodology and projected CO2 savings of its solutions.

Footprint 3/15

Toshiba scores three points for pledging to peak its greenhouse gas emissions by 2012, after a decade-long rise. Stronger absolute emissions reductions are needed from Toshiba.

Advocacy 0/35

Toshiba has not provided details of any positive climate or energy advocacy, in Japan or elsewhere.

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