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Social networking has changed the world, but can Facebook lead an Energy Revolution?

Dear Employee of Facebook,

This page is just for you. Because we think you're among the smartest designers, engineers, managers, developers, marketers, etc. in the biz. And we love Facebook. We use it every day to address the world's most pressing environmental issues, like climate change

But we're curious to know what you think about Facebook’s coal problem.

We want to talk about solutions. 

There are things the big bosses can do now to make Facebook an environmental leader and ensure that you guys aren't increasing demand for dirty energy as you continue to build new infrastructure to support your growth.

Here’s the Big IDEA:

1. Increase Facebook's use of clean energy: Facebook can buy cleaner energy directly from the utility to feed the grid where Facebook locates new infrastructure, invest capital in renewable energy development and deployment, or install and self-generate clean energy on site like Google has done.

2. Develop an infrastructure siting policy that prioritizes renewable energy: Facebook has made two major investments in large data center infrastructure (Oregon and North Carolina) where the main power source is coal. A good investment and siting policy that factors in available renewable energy resources would help Facebook make better choices about the sources of energy that power its data centers.

3. Educate users about Facebook's footprint and need for strong US energy policy: Many IT companies are publically reporting overall energy consumption, facility level GHG emissions, and percentage of renewable energy in their operations through the Carbon Disclosure Project and other reporting entities. Facebook has yet to provide data on its energy consumption or related GHG emissions at either a corporate or facility level. Hey, we thought transparency was Facebook's middle name!

4. Advocate for clean energy policies at a local, national and international level. You’ve got a big brand and a big bully pulpit. Use it to show political leadership and push for climate and energy policies that make renewable energy more available so you can power your future.

Social networking is changing the way the world communicates and, in some places, is governed. Over the past few years, Facebook has helped to foment positive, historical change in places such as Cairo and Tehran. Now Facebook, the biggest name in social networking, has the opportunity to help create another kind of revolution: An Energy Revolution.

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Because we know you want it just as bad as we do,

The "Unfriend Coal" Team, Greenpeace International