Facebook’s largest office outside the US is in Dublin, Ireland. It's the headquarters of the company's international operations. Facebook’s choice of dirty coal for powering its operations is an issue the company cannot continue to ignore. As Earthday approaches we are going direct to the company staff with our request from 700,000 Facebook users asking for a renewable-energy-powered Facebook.

At the start of this week, Facebook staff started to see lumps of dirty coal appearing on the way to the facebook offices. Several staff were overheard asking ‘what’s with the coal?”

A day or two later small windmills started to appear alongside the coal to indicate the choice Facebook must make between dirty and dangerous coal and nuclear energy and clean and safe renewable power. With other companies like Google and Yahoo investing in renewable energy, its time for Facebook to consign coal to the past.

Here’s a clear thumbs down for dirty energy and thumbs up for clean energy outside the Facebook office: Today the sun was shining in Dublin and all the bars and cafes by the Facebook offices were sporting these topical beermats: Now I know there’s a lot of people who’d like to raise a glass or two if Facebook announces a plan to unfriend coal by Earth Day, April 22nd! If you are in Dublin on Monday 11th April, come and find out more about our campaign at this public talk at Trinity College.

(Photo credits Greenpeace/Kim Haughton)