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Background - 21 January, 2010
We must act today to stop treating the atmosphere like an ashtray. Global warming is already claiming 300,000 lives each year, and threatening many hundreds of millions more.

Voices for Change - Delhi

Delhi born photographer, Ishan Tankha describes how the weather in India has changed during his lifetime, due to the impacts of climate change.

Voices for Change - California

A firefighter talks about how weather is changing in California as a result of climate change. Drier landscapes and more dry lightning mean more fires. Thanks to Sergio Bastidas, Brent Rumble and Zach Harrison from the Brooks Institute, California for use of their fire footage.

Voices for Change - Sydney

In Sydney, between drought and dust storms, the effects of climate change are becoming more visible than ever.

Sinking Sundarbans - Photographs by Peter Caton.

Photographer Peter Caton visited the Sundarbans - the low lying Unesco protected mangrove forest at the mouth of the Ganges - home to 4.3million people. These are the voices of people who are being effected by climate change.

Consequences photo exhibition

From the frontiers of climate change comes Consequences by NOOR. Featuring the work of nine, internationally acclaimed photographers, this exhibition documents the devastating effects of climate change around the globe. These stunning photographs show not what might happen in the future but what is happening today.