Forests for Climate

Background - 15 August, 2012
'Forests for Climate' is a way to get international funding to protect the world's remaining tropical forests and help stop climate change.



Logging and burning of tropical forests creates about 20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, more than that emitted from all the cars, planes, and trains in the world. But countries in South America, Africa and the Pacific do not have enough of their own money to protect these large tracts of tropical forests. The forests keep the climate in balance.
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Greenpeace doesn't want forests to become a way for "cheaters" to meet their greenhouse gas emissions targets. We want them to clean up their energy sector and their industry as part of their commitment.


The Greenpeace Forests for Climate proposal outlines how governments can protect forests and how developed countries can cut CO2 at home. Forests for Climate lets developed countries meet overall targets and provides fair and accountable way to fund global forest protection.