It seems there are oil spills and oil leaks everywhere recently - not just in the Gulf. And as BP decides to replace one CEO with another -- it's becoming clear that changing one oil company's leader is not really enough. The problem isn't just Tony Hayward and it's not just BP. Dangerous offshore drilling is happening all over the world - threatening people and coastlines in many different countries.

Oily activists have been showing up to make sure the threat from the oil industry isn't just recognised in the Gulf -- but across the world.

GET OILY! The icky stuff our activists used to look oily is actually completely non-toxic and - would you believe - edible! It's basically sugar and coco. If you want to make an oily statement in your community with your friends - you can download the oily recipe here. We'd love to see pictures if you do get oily - please send them to us and we'll post them on our website.

Let's get rid of ALL dirty, deadly fuels! Have you taken the Energy [R]evolution Pledge yet?

We love this video too! It's more oily goodness from