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You sent over 200.000 e-mails to Nestlé and all we've gotten so far is a lot of repetitive statements from the largest food and drink company in the world. Yesterday we took the message directly to shareholders - and delivered it every way we possible could: via protesting orang-utans, banner drops from the ceiling, our own WiFi network, an official speech to the shareholders and a mobile Twitter wall.


A group of 30 protesting orang-utans arrived at the entrance to the AGM just as Nestlé shareholders were beginning to trickle into the coffee tent to take a break before the meeting began. The security guard couldn't quite get the gate closed fast enough to keep the orang-utans out - although he did put in a gallant effort (obviously he doesn't have a lot of experience dealing with animals).

Meanwhile inside the meeting itself - just as the Chairman of the Board began to talk about Nestlé's profits over the past year our activists dropped from the ceiling and unfurled two banners directly over shareholders heads (reaction of the shareholders was a mix of screams and confused clapping). We wanted to ensure that Nestlé's continuing use of palm oil - and pulp and paper products - coming from the destruction of Indonesia's rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands was front and center on the agenda.

Watch the orang-utans arrive - and our activists 'drop' in to the meeting:



What shareholders saw when they logged on to free WiFi provided by Greenpeace at Nestlé AGM

While orang-utans out front passed out flyers to shareholders inviting them to visit our landing page and receive messages directly from you - inside we provided shareholders with a 'free' WiFi network. Once logged on shareholders were treated to 'advice' from us about protecting their investment - and once again directed to the Kit Kat campaign homepage to receive your tweets and comments.

The same online messages were also displayed on a mobile 'Twitter wall' parked outside Nestlé offices in Frankfurt where your tweets to #Nestle were displayed for the entire day. At the AGM in Lausanne the first speech at the meeting was given by our International Head of Forests - Pat Vendetti - who braved some booing and heckling by unimpressed shareholders to keep delivering the message that you've been helping us spread for the past month. Nestlé cannot continue to shrug off responsibility for it's use of products from rainforest destruction.

We want action, you want action - and we all made that very clear yesterday. Thanks for joining in!

However, our four amazing activists who dropped from the ceiling and hung above shareholders heads for over an hour of the AGM in order to deliver our message are still in police custody. We'll be sure to update you on this as soon as we know more.

Update: our 4 activists were released by Swiss authorities after being held for 24 hours. Thanks to them and to all the other activists who took action at Nestle's AGM on Thursday!'

Enjoy more pictures from yesterday's events:

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