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We can make tech companies realize their impact on the planet. From the way they make our phones, tablets and computers to how they power the apps that bring them to life.

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Guide to
Greener Electronics

The Guide to Greener Electronics ranks 17 of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies based on their efforts in three areas: energy, natural resources, and chemicals.


Repair Guide

Have you ever tried to repair a cracked screen or faulty battery on your phone only to be told it would be cheaper to buy a new one? The Product Repair Guide assesses the best and worst smartphones, tablets and laptops in the market in terms of repairability.

Click Clean

Click Clean

The Internet needs a lot of energy, and its footprint grows every day as we live more and more of our lives online. That’s why Since 2010 Greenpeace has been calling on major internet companies to power their data centres on renewable energy. Leaders from Facebook to Google have already committed, who will be next?

Latest News

5 ways tech companies are making your devices die too soon

Blogpost by Elizabeth Jardim

Greenpeace in partnership with US-based company iFixit, has just assessed over 40 of the most popular smartphones, tablets and laptops from the past two years, to see how easily companies are allowing consumers the access to repair or make spare parts and repair manuals available.

27 June, 2017

Samsung will finally recycle millions of Galaxy Note 7s

Blogpost by Jude Lee

After five months of people powered actions around the world, Samsung pulled its head out of the sand and committed to recycling the millions of Galaxy Note 7 phones it recalled! This is great news for the hundreds of thousands of people who took action.

27 March, 2017

What 10 years of smartphone use means for the planet

Blogpost by Elizabeth Jardim

Smartphones have undeniably changed our lives — and the world — in a very short amount of time. Just ten years ago, we took pictures with cameras, used maps to plan routes, and kept in touch with friends and family using T9 text messages.

27 February, 2017

Why fixing your phone is one of the most empowering things you can do

Blogpost by Kyle Wiens

I’ve spent the last decade teaching people how to repair their electronics—things like smartphones, computers, and tablets. I do it because even though we love our gizmos, we treat them like they’re disposable: things we can use up, throw away, and buy again without a second thought.

19 August, 2016

Will 4.3 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones end up in the trash?

Blogpost by Jude Lee

Right now Samsung is considering dumping 4.3 million brand new Galaxy Note 7 phones following nearly 100 cases of exploding phones around the world. That is equivalent to almost 730,000 kilograms of hi-spec technology!

1 november, 2016

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Which country is most likely to repair their electronic gadgets?

Blogpost by Chih An Lee

Believe it or not, the humble smartphone puts enormous strain on our environment - from the moment they’re produced to when they’re disposed of to be buried in a huge pile of e-waste. That’s why we commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct a survey across six countries: USA, Germany, Russia, Mexico, South Korea and China.

15 August, 2016

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Guide to Greener Electronics 2017

Time to Re-Think IT

The Guide to Greener Electronics provides an analysis of what 17 of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies are doing to address their environmental impacts. Here’s how the companies stack up.

October, 2017

How repairable is your mobile phone?

A product guide to best-selling smartphones, tablets and laptops.

A repairability assessment of the 44 best-selling smartphones, tablets and laptops from 2015 - 2017, based on the teardown score from iFixit as well as the availability of repair manuals and spare parts.

September, 2017

From Smart to Senseless

The Global Impact of Ten Years of Smartphones

As smartphones have spread across the world, the rapid churn of devices that is fueling record profits across the technology sector is also causing an ever-widening impact on the planet and the countries where these devices are manufactured.

February, 2017

2017 Clicking Clean

Who is winning the race to build a green internet?

The race to build a renewably powered internet started with digital platform leaders such as Facebook, Apple, and Google who first made 100% renewable commitments four years ago and have now been joined by nearly 20 internet companies, including global cloud and colocation companies who had previously been lagging far behind.

January, 2017

Resource Efficiency in the ICT Sector

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While consumers and societies embrace the advantages of these modern information and communication technologies, NGO reports and other surveys reveal devastating environmental and social practices in the mining, manufacturing and disposal of mobile electronic devices.

November, 2016

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2015 Clicking Clean

A guide to building the green internet

The transition to online distribution models, such as video streaming, appears to deliver a reduction in the carbon footprint but unless leading internet companies find a way to leapfrog traditional, polluting sources of electricity, the convenience of streaming could cause us to increase our carbon footprint.

May, 2015

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Green Gadgets: Designing the future

The path to greener electronics

Today, more and more people around the world rely on laptops, phones and tablets as an essential part of their everyday lives. However, the rate at which they purchase and discard these devices is having a serious impact on our planet.

September, 2017

2014 Clicking Clean

How companies are creating the green green internet

Major brands are taking meaningful steps to steer their infrastructure investments toward cleaner energy, but the sector as a whole remains focused on rapid growth. Most companies still are myopic to the critical nature of their energy choices, focusing only on maximizing efficiency.

April, 2014

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How clean is your cloud?

Catalysing an energy revolution

This year’s report provides an updated and expanded look at the energy choices some of the largest and fastest growing IT companies are making as the race to build the cloud creates a new era of technology.

April, 2012

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How dirty is your data?

A Look at the Energy Choices That Power Cloud Computing

This report seeks to answer an important question about this trend, currently underway across the globe: As cloud technology disrupts our lives in many positive ways, are the companies that are changing everything failing to address their own growing environmental footprint?

April, 2011

Make IT Green

Cloud computing and its contribution to climate change

The cloud is growing at a time when climate change and reducing emissions from energy use is of paramount concern. With the growth of the cloud, however, comes an increasing demand for energy.

March, 2010

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ReThink IT

We can make tech companies realize their impact on the planet. §From the way they make our phones, tablets and computers to how they power the apps that bring them to life.

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