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Stop KFC trashing rainforests

Background - 16 June, 2012
Are you sick of the way KFC bosses keep trying to pull the bucket over your eyes with their statements claiming not to buy from APP or that their paper is sustainable? It’s time to call up KFC and tell them that they must take responsibility for their company’s impact on rainforests around the world.

Step 1
First you need to get a customer complaint telephone number for your country. The best place to find this is via KFC’s website for your country.  (Or you can contact them via this web form on their site.)

Step 2
When the operator answers the phone, please be polite, clear and firm.  Tell them that you would like to leave a message for the company regarding its packaging and the impact it is having on rainforests. Best to use your own words.

Sample message:  "My name is _____ and I'm calling from _________. I care about tigers and I don't think rainforest should be destroyed to package your fast food. Despite your claims, testing done by independent labs clearly shows KFC are using rainforest fibre. I’d like to urge you to take action now to cut deforestation out of your supply chain. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and to respond."

Step 3
Once you have made the call - click here to tell us how it went. We'll update this page using your feedback.


Some things you might hear from KFC customer service

KFC is likely to say: KFC does not source from APP.

Response: KFC keeps saying this, but Greenpeace’s report shows that KFC is buying from APP in many countries around the world. Do you have a policy in place to ensure that KFC and Yum do not source from APP? (More info)


KFC is likely to say: Our packaging is sustainable, we don’t source from rainforests.

Response: What do you mean by sustainable?

KFC keeps saying its packaging is sustainable yet when an independent laboratory analysed the paper they found rainforest fibre in the packaging. How can KFC paper be sustainable if it is coming from rainforests? What policies does KFC have in place to ensure that rainforest fibre is not entering their supply chain?