Toying with extinction

Background - 26 November, 2011
This June 2011 Greenpeace investigation revealed that several toy companies - including Mattel, Hasbro, Disney and Lego - were wrapping toys in cheap packaging that regularly contained Indonesian rainforest fibre. By including Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) in their supply chains, these major toy brands were fuelling climate change and pushing Sumatran tigers and orang-utans towards the brink of extinction.


The destruction of Indonesia's rainforests and peatlands is driving climate change - Indonesia's peatland areas alone hold as much carbon as the Amazon rainforest - and pushing critically endangered wildlife closer to extinction. What is at stake »

Our evidence shows that APP, which claims to be the world's third biggest pulp and paper producer, is actively clearing Indonesian rainforests and draining peat swamp forests to produce its pulp. APP admits that rainforest fibre (mixed tropical hardwood) makes up one fifth of the fibre pulped in its Indonesian mills. APP's forest destruction »

Chain-of-custody evidence in China and Indonesia reveals that APP is an important supplier of packaging materials for major toy companies, which use a lot of cheap, glossy packaging to wrap their products. Forensic testing shows how Mattel, Disney, Lego and Hasbro had deforestation in their supply chains. APP's toy sector customers »

Toy companies need to completely remove products from their supply chains that come from deforestation - and making sure they stay deforestation-free. This requires strong, clear policy commitments, tough timelines and due diligence. The solutions »

Campaign update January 2012: Lego, Mattel and Hasbro have all introduced procurement policies to tackle these issues and have stopped buying from Asia Pulp and Paper. Disney is still finalising a new policy. Latest campaign updates »