Climate Defenders Camp

Background - 4 December, 2009
The Climate Defenders Camp was the base for our actions in the heart of the Indonesian rainforest during October and November 2009. Our aim was to focus international attention on the critical role that protecting tropical forests has in averting climate change - in the run-up to the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit in December 2009.After great success - we handed the keys to the camp over to the local community and NGOs at the end of November. They will continue to push for the protection of forests as a key defense against climate change. And we will also continue working in Indonesia and other key parts of the world to ensure that zero deforestation is achieved - to help avert a climate catastrophe.


Archive of live updates from actions in the rainforest

Deforestation is responsible for around one fifth of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - making it one of the biggest causes of climate change. To avert climate catastrophe in our lifetime - world leaders must agree on deeper cuts in CO2 emissions from both fossil fuels andforest destruction at the UN climate summit this December in Copenhagen.

We're focusing global attention onIndonesia as a stark example of unabated forest destruction. The speedand scale of deforestation here clearly demonstrates why it's soimportant that politicians take action to protect forests in December. According to thelatest figures, Indonesia has one of the fastest rates of forestdestruction - making it the third largest climate polluter (after Chinaand the US).

By defending forestswe're not only protecting forest communities, endangered species likeorangutans and tigers and some of the richest ecosystems in the world-- we're defending the global climate that's essential for all life onearth, including ours.

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