Working together - our partners in Paradise

Background - 9 October, 2007
Greenpeace is working with several non-government organisations (NGOs) and local groups on the eco-forestry initiative in Lake Murray. These groups include:

Local land owners attend a meeting on Forest Management, Lake Murray area, PNG

The Lake Murray Resource Owners Association (LMROA)

LMROA represents landowners in PNG's Western Province. These landowners  represent nine tribes - totalling approximately 5000 people - and have customary title to in excess of 1 million hectares of land .

PNG Ecoforestry Forum (EFF)

The Eco-Forestry Forum is an umbrella body that includes key communityforestry, environmental and conservation non-governmental organisations. The main goal of EFF is to promote eco-forestry and small-scale saw milling initiatives.

Centre for Environmental Law and Community Rights (CELCOR)

CELCOR is a landowner legal support organisation. It provides legalservices, policy submissions and training and runs related campaigns.

Foundation for People and Community Development (FPCD)

FPCD supports Papua New Guineans in managing their own forest resources for economic, social and environmental benefits. It has offices in Port Moresby, Vanimo and Madang. The Madang office focuses on eco-forestry.FPCD also runs advocacy/policy research and development and community action programs.

Environmental Law Centre (ELC)

ELC is also a landowner legal support organisation. Its work focuses onthe East Awin and Wavi Guavi. ELC is also working with the communitiesof the Makapa in Kamula Dosa region on forest campaigns, and communityorganising and training.

Forest Management and Product Certification Support (FORCERT)

FORCERT provides support for community forestry projects during the FSC® certification process. It holds an FSC® Group Certificate on behalf of producer members and through a link to central timber yards indifferent regions, assists with the marketing of the certified timber.

World Wide Fund for Nature (PNG Country Program)

WWF has a large program based in Papua New Guinea, where it works closely with the Department of Environment and Conservation on its framework for biodiversity strategy and action planning. WWF has projects in Western Province and contributes to the planning of work with other NGOs in the area.

Barefoot Community Development

This community-based organisation works with NGOs to help mobilise communities for community projects. In Western Province, Barefoot runs community development workshops and helps landowners develop land useplans.

Partners With Melanesians (PWM)

PWM was established at the University of Papua New Guinea to support groups and communities involved in education and development initiatives in rural PNG. It focuses on community mobilising and community development and conservation work.