Tweet for Ocean Sanctuaries

Background - 2 July, 2013
Starting Thursday, July 11, world leaders will be meeting in Germany to decide whether to create the world’s largest ocean sanctuaries in the waters around Antarctica.

YOU can participate in this historic moment. We will project your #AntarcticOcean tweets on a wall outside the meeting, so that world leaders will see your messages of support.

I'm with the penguins. We're looking forward to celebrating history being made! Support the creation of ocean sanctuaries #AntarcticOcean

#AntarcticOcean is home to almost 10,000 unique and diverse species, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

Protect Antarctica’s Southern Ocean home to 10,000 species #AntarcticOcean

To the members of the #CCAMLR meeting in Bremerhaven: make history. PLEASE say 'yes' to ocean sanctuaries around the #AntarcticOcean

致不来梅港 #CCAMLR 会议的成员们:创造历史。请对#南大洋 海洋保护区说'是'! #AntarcticOcean

Делегаты специального совещания АНТКОМ-Ваших руках судьба Южного океана. Пожалуйста! Проголосуйте 'ЗА' морские заповедники в #AntarcticOcean

An die Mitglieder des #CCAMLR-Meetings in Bremerhaven: Schreiben Sie Geschichte. BITTE sagen Sie 'Ja' zu Ozean-Schutzzonen im #AntarcticOcean