Our Humpback whales screensaver brings beautiful images of these great mammals to your computer. 1024x768 version.

Multimedia | 14 July, 2009

Beautiful pictures of whales in the wild for you to enjoy, and to remind your family, friends and colleagues to take action with Greenpeace so that future generations may enjoy them as well.


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An Energy Revolution Powered by 100% Renewables

Video | 16 June, 2016 at 7:36

A better future is literally falling from the sky and blowing in our faces every day. So why are we still using fossil fuels! A 2-minute animation on how we can achieve a world powered by 100% renewables.

Activists Shut Down Whiskas’ Factory in New Zealand

Video | 20 May, 2016 at 11:07

Greenpeace New Zealand activists shut down the heart of cat food giant Whiskas’ Australasian operations, after Mars confirmed to the organisation that it sources tuna from Thai Union, a seafood company that has been connected to slavery and...

World Water Day 2016

Image gallery | 22 March, 2016

Fukushima 5 years on

Image gallery | 11 March, 2016

Cats Vs BadTuna

Video | 9 March, 2016 at 20:00

Big THANKS to: Lil BUB, Nala, Spangles, Princess Monster Truck, Captain Pancakes, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Pork chop, Beans and TT Pistachio, Matilda the Alien Cat, Loki the Kitteh, Cole and Marmalade, Winston Smushface, Monty the Cat, Oskar and...

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Bultrugwalvissen nabij de kust van Tonga. Greenpeace volgt de walvissen op hun reis naar de voedselgronden bij Antarctica. Dit project dient als bewijs dat deze fantastische dieren niet hoeven te sterven voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek.