APRIL: Stop trashing our future!

Photo | 15 July, 2010

Greenpeace activists in Teluk Binjai, Pelalawan, Riau unfurl a banner that reads "APRIL: Stop trashing our future!" as they blockade a barge being loaded with Kampar rainforest logs, destined for APRIL's pulp mill in Pangkalan Kerinci.

This is the second time Greenpeace activists have taken action to stop APRIL destroying the natural forest of Kampar. After a Greenpeace action in October 2009, the Minister for Forests ordered the temporary suspension of APRIL operations however this year operations restarted without the Ministry conducting the promised legal and legislative review of APRIL's existing permits or resolving conflicts between the company and the community as promised.

[1:40:42 PM] Matilda Bradshaw: The destruction of rainforests and peatlands by companies liek APRIL and Sinar Mas is the key reason why, according to recent government estimates, Indonesia ranks as the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter.

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