2014: A Year In Pictures

2014 has been very eventful year for Greenpeace all round. Whether it be persuading high fashion brands to detox their supply chain, developing  a first-of-its kind solar micro grid  in India  or exposing illegal logging activities in the Amazon, we, as always, have been investing our hearts and minds -- and the hearts and minds of our countless supporters -- into building towards a planet which is ecologically sound, healthy and liveable.

14th January. Mexico. More than one hundred children create a human banner reading: "Detox Our Future" with the Rainbow Warrior seen in the background. The activity took place to mark the launch of the Greenpeace report: "A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet. We carried out tests on items sold by leading clothing brands and they revealed the presence of hazardous and potentially hormone disrupting chemicals in children's clothing.