Detox Remote Area Expeditions

In May and June 2015, eight Greenpeace expeditions on three continents collected water and snow samples from more or less remote places. Later these samples will be tested for PFCs, persistent and toxic chemicals also used by outdoor brands to make gear waterproof. From China's Haba Snow Mountains to Switzerland's Alps, from the Italian Apennines to the High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia, from the Golden Mountains of Altai in Russia to the stunning Patagonian mountains of Torres del Paine, from Treriksroset in Northern Europe to Kaçkar Mountains mountains of Turkey: we run much more expeditions than originally planned and many more Greenpeace offices got involved.

Greenpeace will publish test results in September 2015.

Eight expeditions around the world to detox the Great Outdoors. Greenpeace aims to show the world that PFCs can be found everywhere, even in very remote areas of the world. Exposure to high concentrations of some PFCs has been linked to a wide range of health problems including hormone disruption and impacts on the reproductive and the immune systems.