Solar Power At Dharnai Village, India

Greenpeace India together with partners BASIX and CEED launch a solar-powered micro-grid at Dharnai village in India.  

The 100 kW solar micro-grid will supply around-the-clock electricity to more than 2,400 residents, 450 homes, and 50 commercial operations, including two schools and a health care facility.

In India alone, more than 300 million people still wait for electricity. Switching to wind and solar, and improving energy efficiency, could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and end the use of coal.

Greenpeace India now calls on the Bihar government to install renewable energy micro-grids for similar villages and to set up the appropriate policy framework. The project also is consistent with the goal of the Indian government to significantly increase solar energy in India.

A girl washes clothes at a water pump in Dharnai village. A solar powered micro-grid that is now supplying electricity to the village can be seen in background.