2010 - a year of action

Video | 31 December, 2010

Everything we accomplished and every action we took in 2010 was thanks to you, and millions of Greenpeace supporters like you around the world. Join us in looking back on a year of action, with 99 of the best images in less than two minutes.

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Photo captions

00:00 Protest at the Japanese Embassy in Madrid, Spain, in support of Japanese anti-whaling activists.

00:06 Vigil outside the Danish Embassy in Switzerland, protesting treatment of the “Red Carpet Four” arrested in Copenhagen. The Ambassador and Vice Ambassador met with a Greenpeace delegation.

00:07 Activism is not a crime: Belgians protest in support of Japanese anti-whaling activists.

00:08 The Red Carpet Four are released from jail in Copenhagen.

00:09 Argentinean “whales” protest the verdict against anti-whaling activists in Japan.

00:11 and 00:12 Activists protest the court ruling against the Tokyo Two.

00:1410 years of Protecting the Environment Together” event in Bangkok, Thailand.

00:15 Orang-utans prepare to protest Nestle’s use of unsustainable palm oil in their products.

00:18 Activists demand zero deforestation to protect the world’s remaining primary forests.

00:19 Giant billboard in London urges people to tell Nestle to stop destroying rainforest for palm oil.

00:21 Outside Nestle’s London headquarters, orang-utans demand Nestle stop destroying rainforest for palm oil.

00:24 The GE Free Future bus tours Europe to demand a moratorium on the use of genetically engineered food.

00:26 Volunteers sow organic seeds in a Belgium field to encourage the use of sustainable agriculture practices.

00:27 An activist wearing a bee costume at the Greenpeace protests outside the parliament building in Stockholm, Sweden. There was also free potato soup.

00:28 A colourful protest outside the Place de la Victoire, against the use of GE in the production of French quality cheese.

00:30 The GE Free Future bus tour ends with a demonstration in Madrid.

00:32 After collecting signature for seven months, Greenpeace and Avaaz deliver the European Union’s first 1 million signatures petition, demanding a GE-freeze.

00:33 Out of stock t-shirt. (Background info.)

00:34 We scrap a "fishing vessel" in front of the EU commission to demand an end to overfishing in EU waters.

00:36 Defending endangered bluefin tuna.

00:37 The Rainbow Warrior and the Arctic Sunrise come to the defence of Mediterranean bluefin tuna.

00:38 Protest in front of Thailand’s Energy Ministry, calling for investments slated for nuclear power to be re-channelled into supporting renewable energy. (More, in Thai.)

00:39 Protesting a shipment of nuclear waste from France to Russia, where it will likely be dumped out in the open.

00:40 An activist chained to the Tricastin nuclear power plant’s gate to block the departure of a train transporting nuclear waste destined to Russia.

00:41 Greenpeace activists chain themselves in front of the French embassy in Moscow to block the entrance through its gate.

00:42 As nuclear waste is being transported from France to Germany, Greenpeace participates in one of the most massive anti-nuclear protests in history.

00:43 Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naido raises his arms to form the anti-nuclear X sign at a rally in Germany.

00:45 Activists are removed by the police after tying themselves to train tracks to stop a nuclear waste transport from France to Germany.

00:48 Greenpeace activists dressed as ‘renewable energy’ sources (solar, water and wind), chain themselves to a truck in an action at the Forsmark nuclear plant to demand that the Sweden's parliament vote ‘No’ to new nuclear reactors.

00:49 Activists use umbrellas to make a 2000 square-metre anti-nuclear message on the Lido di Venezia, Italy.

00:52 These activists joined others who occupied one of the cranes on site of the controversial new Olkiluoto nuclear power plant in Finland, which is being built by French company Areva. More info in Finnish. Another protest at Olkiluoto (English).

00:53 Around 1,000 villagers from Maasim, Philippines, form the words “No to Coal” on the grounds of an elementary school.

00:54 Activists board a 290-meter long coal ship to delay it from entering Israel.

00:56 Demonstration against coal mining in New Zealand.

01:00 Activists climb on a coal power plant in Prunerov, Czech Republic.

01:02 After the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, Greenpeace sends a team to independently assess the impacts on the bayou.

01:03 In the UK, Greenpeace suggest a newer, truer logo for BP.

01:04 Greenpeace activists and local fishermen help with the clean up of oil from a spill in Dalian, China. The spill was caused by a pipeline blast.

01:08 Activists smeared in fake oil protest deepwater oil drilling in New Zealand, Canada and Brussels.

01:12 Going to the new frontier of oil drilling, Greenpeace activists slip past a warship to protest Cairn’s drilling for oil in the Arctic.

01:15 A collective of environmental and local NGOs protests plans for a third runway in London’s Heathrow airport. The plans were scrapped this year.

01:18 To the sound of vuvuzelas, Greenpeace participates in the kick-off of the World Cup by installing solar panels and helping locals in Jericho, South Africa, watch the games.

01:21 Activists in Russia ask Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to stop toxic discharges in Russian rivers.

01:22 Buddhist monks release sky lanterns before the 80 foot statue of Buddha in Bodh Gaya, India, where Gautama Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment.

01:23 A group of parishioners in traditional dresses join Greenpeace in celebrating WWF's Earth Hour in Malate Church, Philippines.

01:24 Activists protest at a meeting between Brazil, South Africa, India and China governments in Cape Town - calling on these countries to show leadership on climate change.

01:27 Activists ask Dell to stop using toxic chemicals in its computers.

01:27 Activists block the gates of Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate Office as part of a community protest to demand an end to dirty development and pollution in Rayong Province, Thailand.

01:28 During the congressional hearings on the safety of deep water drilling, activists ask the US Secretary of Interior to ban drilling in Arctic waters.

01:30 At the intercessional climate talks in Tianjin, China, a polar bear climbs on top of a fake iceberg.

01:31 The Greenpeace hot air balloon flies over Mayan ruins in Mexico to mark the start of climate talks in Cancun.

01:32 Iconic monuments from around the world floundering off the shore of Cancun, Mexico.

01:33 Activists stage an underwater protest during the Cancun climate talks. (Video.)

01:35 A human sign of hope on the beach of Cancun.

01:36 Demonstration in Manila, the Philippines, to demand 50 percent renewable energy in the country by 2020.

01:38 In Brussels, Belgium, a few days before Congo's 50th independence anniversary, people holding leaflets reading “Save Congo’s Forests” (more photos).

01:38 Over 900 cyclists take to the streets of Hong Kong with Greenpeace for World Car Free day.

01:39 Over 500 activists from all over Germany eat a GE-free lunch at the Brandenburg Gate to protest the GE-friendly policies of their government.

01:39 Activists take to the streets of Bangkok for the launch of the Greenpeace "Smart Power" project to call for a move towards clean and safe power sources. (More info in Thai.)

01:40 The Arctic Sunrise in the Gulf of Mexico.

01:41 The Esperanza in the Arctic.

01:43 The Rainbow Warrior in the Mediterranean.

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