This weekend marked the global kick-off of the Break Free movement calling for a world free from fossil fuels. Break Free is a wave of individuals, communities, local and international organisations taking a firm stance against fossil fuels and dirty energy and demanding a fair shift to an era of renewable energy.

As part of the Break Free movement, Greenpeace Croatia along with the local NGO Cyclists' Union and Green Action/FoE Croatia organised a protest bicycle ride in Zagreb, calling for an end to the fossil era and transition to renewable energy. Some 1500 cyclists attended. The participants made a brief stop in front of HEP, Croatia’s biggest utility, and spread a 16-meter banner reading “Break Free from Fossil Fuels.  © Branko Drakulic / GreenpeaceCyclists in Zagreb kickstart global Break Free movement in Croatia, 12 March 2017.

Starting off three weeks of actions across six continents, this weekend saw 1500 people participating in a mass bicycle ride in Croatia and local communities denouncing air pollution from coal-fired power plants in Israel. Across the Arab world, an addictive online game to phase out fossil fuels was launched, while in the Philippines, a coalition of civil society groups and coal-impacted communities rallied at the headquarters of a major fossil fuel company.

The strength of this open movement and how much it has grown in a year’s time is nothing short of amazing. It has broken down silos, uniting environmental, social justice, women and Indigenous movements from more than 40 countries around the world.

From Chile to Thailand, South Africa to Poland, people are calling for a healthy future. Our families deserve clean air and water and a just economy that is not dependent on polluting fossil fuel corporations that will put our communities at risk.

Communities and civil society organizations held a lightning rally in front of the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) headquarters, to demand that the company shut down its coal plant in Limay, Bataan, and instead lead the shift to renewables. The protest kicked off Break Free 2017, a series of peaceful community mobilizations across the Philippines, as part of the second global wave of actions against fossil fuels  © GreenpeaceBreak Free from fossil fuels protest in Manila, Philippines, 13 March 2017.

Break Free provides a platform for all these diverse acts of courage to come together and reinforce each other as a united global movement. With already more than 80 events registered and more on the way, we stand in solidarity with those communities hardest hit by fossil fuels projects and the impacts of climate change.

A fossil free future powered by renewable energy is already underway. Now is the time to stand up to those trying to slow us down and Break Free from dirty energy. Will you join us?

Agustin Maggio is the project lead for the #BreakFree campaign with Greenpeace International