Tchibo commits to Detox

In what could be one of our fastest comittments yet, just 48 hours after we revealed the toxic-truth behind their products, German retailer Tchibo has joined the ranks of companies committed to Detox.

Tchibo has promised to make sure its products are toxic-free, beginning with clothes and shoes, but eventually extending to cover everything from frying pans to electronics! What's more, alongside committing to transform itself into a toxic-free champion, Tchibo has agreed to start developing 'closed-loop' production - tackling the very way its products are made.

In a landmark move, the company is taking responsibility (in German) for the entire lifecycle of its products, working to minimise its environmental impact from the materials to the factory flaw, from the products themselves to what happens to them after they are thrown away.

This is testament to the principle that big companies have a responsibility to all of us ensure the products they sell do not pollute our rivers, contribute to the mountains of waste or put the health of our future generations at risk.

Parent powerTchibo has shown it will lead the sector and in doing so set a new standard for the big retail stores.

However, this didn't just happen overnight. Since we launched our latest report last week we have seen concerned parents returning products to the stores, thousands of signatures on an online petition and actions of defiance on social media platforms calling on Tchibo to Detox.

The brand listened.

Detox has proven that we can all be changemakers. As parents making choices about the products we buy and speaking out on behalf of our children, or as citizens who believe we deserve to live in a world free from hazardous chemicals.

Today's announcement is the latest in a string of succeses from the people powered Detox campaign as the toxic-free wave spreads through the sector from big fashion names to textile suppliers, from luxury labels to retailing giants.

It now remains to be seen who from Aldi, Lidl, REWE or Penny will be next…

Dr. Kirsten Brodde is a Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace Germany.