The Milan Fashion Show, one of the world’s top haute couture spots, has had an unexpected and green start this year as Greenpeace Italy activists unveiled a ‘vertical catwalk’ on the façade of the splendid Sforzesco Castle.

Vertical Catwalk Action, MilanFollowing the launch of Greenpeace Italy’s Fashion Duel earlier this month, the 12-metre long catwalk greeted participants and journalists as the Milan Fashion Show opened its doors this morning.

Greenpeace has thrown down the gauntlet to 15 Italian and French luxury fashion brands, challenging them to clean up their supply chains and products by committing to Detox and Zero Deforestation.

We are demanding these brands engage on the smartest trend: beautiful clothes untainted by forest destruction or toxic pollution of our water’s resources.

So far, only Valentino has taken up the challenge by making a determined commitment to implement Detox and Zero Deforestation policies. Seven other brands have only made partial commitments and seven more have not even responded to our requests for information.

Incomplete commitments are not enough and failing to respond is not an option either.

It is time for these brands to make a move. We want these brands to live up to their role as the world’s top fashion houses and to what consumers expect from them: set the trend and dress the planet with cleaner fashion!

Chiara Campione, Greenpeace Italy campaigner.