So, back at the Kyoto International Conference Centre. I, Athena, Greenpeace International’s Asia climate campaigner, was here in December 1997. I was one of many, negotiating a historic agreement: The Kyoto Protocol . It still is the only legally binding global agreement aimed at stopping climate change. Today, ten years on, I am here to attend the 40th Annual General Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) . I am here to deliver a simple message. If the ADB wants to honour Kyoto, it must agree concrete steps for saving the climate at this historic place. It must decide to quit coal and put all its resources into funding a sustainable energy revolution in Asia.

Ten years later, the situation is worse. Latest climate science predicts dire consequences for poor countries in the region where I come from. Asia stands to suffer most from climate change. Billions of people will suffer from water shortages, famine, the spread of diseases and flooding by the end of this century.

This is why we're here. We, are a Greenpeace team from eight countries and a lively solar generation contingent. The ADB is a public financial institution. We believe that the ADB can exercise leadership by diverting its resources away from dirty energy technologies masquerading as “clean solutions” towards renewable energy and demand-side efficiency.

We are here in Kyoto for 5 days. We will meet with hi-level officials from the Bank and various governments to present this vision and challenge the ADB for commitment to action that actually achieves something. Please help us, by joining more than 10,000 cyberactivists worldwide who have already signed our petition to the ADB. We know that the pressure generated by the cyberpetition is really being felt so bring it on!