Nearly 400,000 of you have joined us to demand the products you use are forest and tiger-friendly. We don’t believe that the products we use every day should contribute to the destruction of precious habitat for animals. That’s why we are pushing brands, like Head & Shoulders, to commit to forest protection.

So on this World Wildlife Day, let’s remind these companies of some of the things we stand to lose if Indonesia’s forests are not protected and if companies don’t clean up their supply chains.

1. There are as few as 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild.

Dirty palm oil from forest destruction is destroying their homes. How much longer these guys have before they’re gone forever?

2. Pygmy elephants in Borneo.

These little guys number as few as 1,500. Gentle natured and downright cute, these animals are losing their homes to deforestation.

3. Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered.

Don’t you think they’re worth protecting too?

4. Indonesia contains up to 15% of all known species of plants, mammals and birds that make up the world’s biodiversity.

5. Indonesia's forests are disappearing at a rate of 9 Olympic swimming pools per minute.

Take action to save their homes!

Last week revealed that the maker of Head & Shoulders, Procter & Gamble, was buying palm oil from companies trashing Indonesia's rainforests. Since we revealed the findings from our year-long investigation, P&G has tried pretend there's nothing wrong, claiming to be committed to “sustainable palm oil”. But the scheme it relies on does not work.

This photo was taken less than a week ago. It doesn't look very sustainable to us.

Your voice is powerful.

While P&G might be burying its head in the sand, other companies like Nestlé, Unilever, Ferrero and L’Oréal are committing to No Deforestation. Just late last week, a big Indonesian palm oil producer called Golden Agri Resources committed to strengthening the forest conservation policy you helped them commit to in 2011. It now applies across all its suppliers and for all the palm oil they buy and trade. It’s just one more sign that the palm oil industry is in transformation. Forests don’t need to be destroyed for palm oil.

Tell P&G, the maker of Head & Shoulders, to clean up their act: commit to forest protection now.

Bustar Maitar is head of the Indonesia Forest Campaign at Greenpeace International