Fans of True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight stormed Twitter last Friday to boost their favourite celebs’ cause of the moment: Protect Paradise. Thousands joined their vampire stars in calling for the protection of the endangered Sumatran tiger’s home and demanded clean palm oil that is tiger- and forest- friendly.

And the vamps went viral as the story bled from Twitter to blogs around the world, especially in the US and Brazil, turning the #Vamps4Tigers twitter storm into a fandom event not to be missed!

The Vault fan club website shows details of the Greenpeace Protect Paradise campaign.

Fans jumped at the opportunity to help save the Sumatran tiger’s home by also using their creativity to raise awareness about the Protect Paradise campaign.

Twitter post with a macro posted by fan of Kellan Lutz and Paul Wesley, which shows the vampire stars beside a tiger.

They supported their heroes and took the lead in showing that fandom events can be empowering and go beyond fiction.

And for that, Greenpeace roars a big “THANK YOU!” You are our heroes.

To see the impact you made on Twitter, here are some fangtastic facts:

  • The Twitter storm tripled the online conversation about Protect Paradise worldwide
  • Paul Wesley and Kristin Bauer’s fans, followed by Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed’s, were the most active on Twitter
  • Brazil contributed to 58% to the conversation, followed by the US
  • The hashtag #Vamps4Tigers trended in Brazil!

Over 200,000 people have now signed the Tiger Manifesto, but we need more! So even though you may have missed the #Vamps4Tigers Twitter storm, you can still show your support.

Be fearless for forests!

Dannielle Taaffe is a Media Relations Specialist at Greenpeace International