Graph of Mister Splashy Pants Fan's ClickingThanks to our friends over at BoingBoing and Reddit, Mr Splashy Pants is in the lead for the Greenpeace name-a-whale competition. What isn't so well known is the identity of the unsung hero that made it all possible. We don't know all the details but from what we have managed to piece together, it appears that someone found a way around our 'one vote per person' rule and began a clicking frenzy that was to change the face of the competition.

Judging by their IP address, the unknown clicker hails from Arizona and they went on a clicking spree sometime just before dinner, starting at 6:48pm local time.

The super-clicker gave it a quick burst for a few minutes before stopping, probably to see if the hyper-clicking was having any affect. But then, having no doubt seen that it was, the star quality that had lain dormant for so many years, locked inside an unknown wrist, was finally revealed in all its glory.

Between 6:55pm and 7:33pm local time, the click rate went off the chart and didn't fall below 120 clicks per minute for a full 38 minutes without pause. Four times the click rate peaked at a staggering 150 clicks per minute, that's 1 click every 0.4 seconds. The fact that this limit was never breached despite some significant effort suggests the natural limit of human clicking may have been inadvertently discovered.

With one scientific discovery already under their belt, they set out to conquer another. Just 5 minutes after the 38 minute clicking marathon they stopped clicking....for just 1 minute. We can't know for sure what happened during that 1 minute but we can postulate from the shape of the graph straight after the 1 minute break that in fact, they were busy attempting the impossible, drinking a dozen red bulls in 1 minute. After the ingestion of enough energy drink to make a whale tap dance, the clicking resumed at near full pace.

Then, sadly, as quickly as it started, at 7:52pm local time, it all ended...probably because his mother called him to dinner...or maybe South Park was about to start. Or maybe someone just wrote a script to do all their clicking automatically. Who knows? What is certain is that the Greenpeace - name-a-whale competition would never be the same again.

To be fair to everyone else, this clicking marathon was removed from the voting results, but it didn't matter. BoingBoing and Reddit had both seen Mr Splashy Pants fly into the lead and posted the story on their sites...the rest as they say...'might' be history. If you don't like Mr Splashy Pants as a whale name, you had better get your friends to vote for something else.