It's been a historic year for our campaign to Save the Arctic. Hard to believe as it is, we only launched back in 2012, but our movement has grown to over six million and is getting stronger every day.

Here are five major things we achieved together this year.

1. We took our call for an Arctic sanctuary to the UN

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon felt the strength of our movement when we presented him with over 6.5 million Save The Arctic petitions in a meeting at the UN in September.

Ban Ki-moon receives Greenpeace delegation. The UN Secretary General is presented with a six million signature petition calling for long term protection of the Arctic region. The delegation consists of Indigenous rights activist, youth leader and Saami politician Josefina Skerk, Margareta Malmgren-Koller, who has signed dozens of leaders up to Greenpeace’s Arctic Declaration policy proposal; Greenpeace Senior Political Advisor Neil Hamilton and Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo. 09/18/2014 © Michael Nagle / Greenpeace

2. We broke up LEGO and Shell

We ended a 50-year partnership between LEGO and Shell with help from Greenpeace's most successful online video of all time and over a million individuals around the world.

Action against Shell at LEGOLAND in Denmark. 08/07/2014 © Greenpeace / Uffe Weng

3. Politicians and celebrities backed our vision of a sanctuary

The European Parliament backed our vision for an Arctic Sanctuary along with over a thousand public figures who have now signed the Arctic Declaration. President Tong of low-lying island state Kiribati and Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson joined us in the Arctic, to witness the region's beauty and understand the threats it faces first hand.

Emma Thompson in the Arctic with Greenpeace. 08/06/2014 © Nick Cobbing / Greenpeace

4. We occupied an oil rig for 90 hours to protect a nature reserve

We staged a 90-hour occupation of a Statoil rig to protect Bear Island, a nature reserve in the Norwegian Arctic threatened by drilling.

Action at Statoil's Apollo Prospect Drillsite in the Barents Sea. 05/29/2014 © Greenpeace

5. We fought against seismic testing in the Canadian Arctic

We joined forces with the tiny Inuit community of Clyde River in the Canadian Arctic to fight back against dangerous seismic testing in their waters.

People's Climate March in New York. 09/21/2014 © Greenpeace

These are truly some amazing achievements, but there is still a lot of work to do: in 2015 Shell is planning to drill for oil in the fragile Alaskan Arctic.

Our best chance to stop this madness is now, before it starts. We hope we can count on your support in the coming months and wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Together, we can Save the Arctic. Click here to join the movement.

Trillia Fidei-Bagwell is the international online campaigns co-ordinator for Greenpeace's Arctic campaign, and works with Greenpeace Argentina.