Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionToday's big stories from the nuclear industry:

IndyMedia: 15,000 demonstrated against nuclear power in Germany with 52 kilometres of light

‘Despite icy weather and light rain some 15,000 Germans demonstrated against nuclear power generation their Thursday evening, our early Friday morning, with a chain of light 52 kilometres long.’

Gizmodo: Google Maps Hack Allows Me to Nuke London In One Click

‘Created by CarlosLabs, the Ground Zero Google Maps hack shows you the blast radius of different nuclear weapons, from Little Boy—the 15-kiloton uranium bomb that obliterated Hiroshima—and Fat Man—its 21-kiloton plutonium counterpart that did the same with Nagasaki—to the Tsar Bomba, the 50 megaton beast produced by the Soviet Union in the 60s.’

AHN: Indigenous Leaders Call For End To Uranium Mining

‘Indigenous activists and leaders of Native American, Australian aboriginal and Tuareg communities are in Washington, D.C. Friday to press elected officials at Capitol Hill to stop uranium mining.’

Yahoo! News: Jordan, Russia sign nuclear deal

‘Russia, which is helping Iran build its first nuclear plant, inked a preliminary cooperation deal with Jordan on Thursday to pave the way for producing nuclear power in the energy-poor kingdom.’

Reuters: U.S. envoy to North Korea set for first trip

‘The U.S. special envoy for North Korea policy, Stephen Bosworth, will visit Asian capitals and Moscow next week to consult on how to rein in the North's nuclear weapons program, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on Thursday.’

Building Design: YRM to design first new nuclear power station

‘YRM has been confirmed as the first architect to be commissioned to design one of Britain’s new generation of nuclear power stations.’ Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines rejects nuclear power plant revival

‘In a pastoral statement, the CBCP urged Congress to “completely and irrevocably reject the opening of the nuclear plant as the most dangerous and expensive way to generate electricity.”’

IranVNC: Iran, Russia discuss 10-year nuclear fuel supply deal

‘Iran and Russia have discussed a deal under which Moscow would deliver nuclear fuel to Iran’s first nuclear power plant at Bushehr for ten years, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported Wednesday.’

The Canadian Press: Soldiers who cleaned up 1958 reactor accident sue government

‘The suit says they didn't get proper protective clothing, weren't correctly decontaminated after their shifts and that the government covered things up by purging their records of references to the incident at Chalk River, Ont.’

Bloomberg: Obama Rejects Nuclear Waste Site After 20-Year Fight

‘President Barack Obama won’t let nuclear waste be stored at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, rejecting the project after 20 years of planning at a cost of at least $9 billion.'