Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionSome other stories from the nuclear industry you may have missed:

World Nuclear News: Research base for new Chinese nuclear power

‘A new research and development office opened in Beijing this week, focused on the task of assimilating AP1000 nuclear technology for mass deployment.’

The Japan Times: Rokkasho plant yields troubling nuke surprise

‘Some of the highly radioactive vitrified nuclear waste being churned out by the fuel reprocessing plant in the village of Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, has been found to contain unexpected highly soluble chemical compounds that are escaping the vitrification process as liquids, Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd. said Thursday.’

IHT: Normalize and disarm

‘North Korea blinked first in its latest diplomatic showdown with the United States. In return for its removal from the U.S. list of terrorist states, Pyongyang made a significant concession that was not required under the terms of the October 2007 agreement linking North Korean denuclearization steps to U.S. moves toward normalized relations.’

Carnegie Endowment: Nuclear Renaissance: Is It Coming? Should It?

‘Despite talk of a renaissance, nuclear power will account for a declining percentage of global electricity generation without aggressive financial support and significant policy changes. Before committing to a rapid expansion of nuclear energy, the next U.S. administration must address critical questions about the feasibility and safety of nuclear expansion, and act to minimize current proliferation risks, concludes a new report by Sharon Squassoni.’