Nuclear: Mickey Mouse energy solutionToday's big stories from the nuclear industry:

Forbes: NRC: Pa. nuclear plant workers fear retaliation

‘Some workers at a Pennsylvania nuclear power plant are afraid to raise safety issues because they fear retaliation, federal regulators said Wednesday.’

EasyBourse: Areva Signs LT Uranium Conversion Contract With EDF

‘French nuclear operator Areva Wednesday said it has signed with French state-controlled giant power operator Electricite de France a long-term uranium conversion1 contract worth several hundred million euros.’

LA Times: Steam generators en route to San Onofre nuclear power plant

‘The first of four new steam generators needed to keep the San Onofre nuclear power plant in operation is making its way -- slowly and carefully -- to the facility in northern San Diego County by ship, barge and a tractor-trailer-like vehicle with 256 wheels.’

The Telegraph: Floods, erosion or earthquake risk will not be a bar to nuclear power sites

‘Risk of flood, coastal erosion, environmental damage or even earthquake will not be an automatic bar to the siting of a new nuclear power station, the Government has said.’

Review Journal: Yucca Mountain project faces more budget cuts

‘The already scaled back federal funding to bury nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain would drop by close to $100 million more through the rest of fiscal 2009, continuing a steep downward spiral that raises new questions about the future of the project.’

The Guardian: Peers failed to declare paid consultancies when tabling questions

‘Several peers [UK lawmakers] failed to declare paid consultancies with private companies when they tabled parliamentary questions or spoke in debates about issues of interest to their sponsors […] [Lord] Christopher, who spoke in a debate about nuclear waste, did not mention his role as a self-employed non-parliamentary consultant to Sellafield Ltd.’

Reuters: Areva needs 2.7 bln euros for investments – report

‘French state controlled nuclear reactor group Areva (CEPFi.PA) needs to secure financing for 2.7 billion euros worth of planned investments in 2009, French daily Le Figaro reported in its Thursday edition.’

Tehran Times: Diplomat: Iran able to export uranium

‘“Iran’s reserves are identified with many of them being discovered prior to the (1979 Islamic) Revolution by western states themselves and that’s not a secret. Iran has not only the potential to supply fuel to Bushehr nuclear power plant but can also be a major exporter,” [Veteran Iranian diplomat Mahmoud-Mehdi] Soltani told IRNA.’

NTI: Missing Russian Plutonium Could Fuel 25 Nuclear Weapons, Former Air Force Chief Says

‘Soviet-era plutonium that was never accounted for after the Cold War could fuel roughly 25 nuclear weapons as powerful as the "Fat Man" atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in World War II, former Air Force Secretary Thomas Reed said Monday.’